Need help testing...

I've had a report that the virus particles aren't visible for someone who tried out the game. But I'm not sure what's causing this.

If you tried to play the game, and the green graphics for the viruses don't show up, please let me know

1. what platform/device this occurred on

2. What browser did you load the game with

This may help me fix the problem.

Another comment (on twitter):

"Had similar problems but it worked after a few reloads. Then I couldn’t get past the second stage because even after killing all the viruses, the time was still running. For that I figured if I kill them fast enough, I am able to get to the next stage. Played till the end."

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Oct 21, 2020

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1. I tried on iPhone 12 (mobile) and also on my laptop. 

2. Google chrome and safari 

I've uploaded a new version, that *might* fix the problem in your browsers.