First post

The first version of the little game has a lot of issues with it. I asked a few people to try playing it and to identify issues that I've been blind to.

Fresh eyes are so very helpful!

Here is my current To-Do list:

  • Fix the problem of particles flying off, out of bounds.
    • Might be able to set a max-velocity, which would help with this.
    • Virus velocity now capped, in shrinkBugs() function.  So far, it seems to be helping. Needs more testing
  • Change code that tests if player has smashed all the bugs and triggers win before timer expires
    • Might not have to do this, if changing velocity limits helps avoid fly-off particles
    • Seems to be fixed by velocity capping. Needs more testing  Still improving this. Capping velocity helped, and so did making the 'walls' thicker.
  • Prevent UI elements (timing text) from interacting with dragged objects. 
  • "Overall the game feels playable but too easy for me. To make it more
    fun, a usual approach is to add more kinds of 'meds' and 'virus'"
    • Will be making game more challenging, once I get all the physics and game-engine worked out.
    • A hint at one way it may get more difficult is in level 4: the orange blob will become more aggressive about 'stealing' meds.
  • "If 'meds' is dragged to outside of the game screen, 'meds' starts
    flicking. This can be solved by manually calculate a corrected mouse position that is inside the screen. Alternatively, you can also try to make the joint between 'meds' and mouse less rigid, by using a joint of more like a spring"
    • I'm going to have to research this a bit. There may be an easy fix in the library. Just have to find it.
  • "The 'virus' seems to be modeled by a square shape. You can perhaps try out circle shapes for them, since the 'virus' is round"
    • I've tried them as 'circles' and square base shapes. When they're circles, they roll around too much. I'm still experimenting with it, so may change back to circle eventually.
  • ...
  • Make 'meds' shrink, and not just fade, when hit by orange blob in level 4.
    • Had problem with the sprite shrinking, but not the 'hit area'.  Fixed this by changing body.scale as well as the sprite's scale
  • Stop bugs from multiplying after level ends.
  • Make text bigger on button. 
  • Make celebratory animations for when you win the last level, and maybe for lower levels too.
  • Make canvas scale to viewbox, and mobile friendly.
    • Done. But haven't yet set 'mobile friendly' on the game settings (04/23/20)


Smash-a-rona Game Play in browser
Apr 19, 2020