New Levels and Old Bugs

I've added some new levels, where the Orange drops little oranges. These little oranges don't bounce around, but they still steal the 'Meds'.

A few levels after the Orange blobs appear, we'll start to see some astroturf protesters.  They can get sick, from the virus, and dissapear. They can get in the way of meds.

Some of the bugs and issues I've  fixed:

  • Meds disappear  if dragged off-stage and the game hangs.
    • Lots of issues with dragging elements off-stage.
  • Various hangs on mobile and other devices.
  • When meds dissapear and player has 'lost' the level. The game now stops, and the 'try again' button appears.  No more waiting for the timer to run out before you can try again.

Some issues I still need to improve:

  • The level difficulty needs more steady increase, and perhaps more intermediary levels.