Making Game A Little Easier

Made some small changes, as I spotted them since publishing.

1. Making the game a little easier, by giving 8 molecules before loosing (even if there's time left.

There were plans to make additional levels, with fewer molecules to drag before loosing the game. That will probably still be part of future levels, but we can keep this relatively easy until then.


* fix the issue with display size  Now need to adjust scale so that it can be full screen.

* fix the grey background color. It should be white. fixed


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Apr 27, 2021

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Here is a first draft of game by @KristinHenry  An Avant guard approach to giving any 5 year old a clear understanding of random motion and diffusion. 

You gotta click and drag the little green balls. The cell that is making the little balls is the bad guy. The cell that will receive the little balls is the good guy, The good guy tracks down the bad guy by following the little balls.

The little green balls are a different color every time you play! LOL it's a first draft! But!! The little balls make a gradient as they diffusion away from the bad guy! It's a chemical gradient that the good guy can follow, and you can give it a little help by dragging a few.

The little ball currently re-spawn on the other side of the window, which makes the gradient a wrap around gradient, and not exactly effective gradient! Haha.

In a body, molecules that are unique to the pathogen often times diffuse away from the pathogen, forming a gradient that white blood cells can follow... Immune Defense used this. @KristinHenry and I wanted a simpler, mobile game... to prove our point about education + games.  Here it is.  Enjoy your experience playing random motion and how a bunch of random events can be relied upon to bring about a definite result (When we fix the wrap around part...  and also yeah, you may have to wait a while, but that part is real life!)